The Longer Light Series

Chart Collective is thrilled to announce our upcoming online publishing project, the Longer Light Series. This series of writing, photography, comic, film and music will explore the idea that our personal rituals – from the mundane to the grand – tether us to special places and particular times. We want to investigate how our rituals are contingent on the places where we perform them, on the rhythm of the seasons, on the weather of any given day, on what we see and smell around us.

The 12 distinct works of the series will detail, document or respond to some sort of ritual (as each contributor interprets that word) enacted during a week of summer days and nights. The works will be published in weekly instalments so that, in concert, they plot the arc of an Australian summer. The first piece we publish will be Jessie Cole's response to the first week of summer, and will be published on 15 December.