1P/Halley, or: What Goes Around Comes Around

1P/Halley is the only comet you have a pretty good chance of seeing in your lifetime. Chart Collective explores the relationship between time, humanity, the earth and the sky by publishing a zine folding out to A2 poster, each work set on one of the next four nights Halley’s Comet returns. What will Melbourne look like in 2061, in 2135, in 2209 and in 2284, when the comet burns across the sky?

The zine comprises illustration by Steph Hughes and Caroline Anderson, and written work by Hannah Donnelly and Emma Marie Jones and was launched at the Emerging Writers' Festival on 27 May 2015. If you missed out on the launch, you can purchase a copy or view the zine online below:

The launch event included the creation of a community time capsule, destined to be unearthed in 2061 on the night 1P/Halley next appears. We invited attendees to make their own written or illustrated predictions for what that night will be like, and to see how close we are.